Mental Health Education and Resource Centre

Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


Course Type: Introductory | Course Level: Four | Catering: Refreshments and light lunch provided

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (or ACT, said as one word not individual letters) is at the forefront of the “new” generation of cognitive behaviour therapy models. ACT is a transdiagnostic model and has an impressive body of research showing it’s efficacy across a range of disorders. The course will provide an introductory overview of the ACT model. The components of the ACT model will be described and participants will have an opportunity to practice and build skills over the day.

• Didactic and interactive explanation and discussion of the ACT model and core processes
• Role plays and exercise to explore and develop skills in each of the core processes

Learning Intentions
Participants will be provided with the opportunity to:
• Understand the basic ACT model and the six core processes that make up the model
• Be able to identify the core processes within a client group
• Use basic ACT techniques and skills

Let’s Get Real Skills
• Professional and Personal Development


Terms and Conditions