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Future Course | Self-Harm & Suicidal Behaviours: Models & Strategies for Interventions (Part Two)

Please note: You need to have attended Part One of this course to attend Part Two.
A discount of $10.00 has been applied to this course for attending Part One.


Course Type: Advanced | Course Level: Seven | Catering: Refreshments provided

Please note: Distance learning participants may be joining this session via Webinar

This is an advanced workshop suited to professionals with some level of training and experience in screening and managing youth and adults with self-harm and suicidal behaviours. Participants will gain skills and practice in a model for formulating risk and tools for intervention. This will be a highly interactive, practical course and participants will be provided with the opportunity to practice skills taught via role play and demonstrations. 

• A model of suicide to formulate and communicate suicide risk
• Evidence based strategies for reducing suicidal ideation
• Systemic components of a suicide risk management plan for parent/whānau and caregivers

Learning Intentions
Participants will be provided with the opportunity to:
• Practice using a model to formulate the suicide risk via case study in groups
• Use role play and experiential learning to develop skills in evidence based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy informed interventions
• Brainstorm collectively a plan for individual and systemic interventions to reduce suicide risk
• Develop confidence in communicating and managing a client’s suicide risk concerns

Let’s Get Real Skills
• Working with Service Users
• Working with Families/Whānau
• Working within Communities
• Challenging Stigma and Discrimination
• Professional and Personal Development


Terms and Conditions