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What's Going on for My Child or Teen?

This free webinar series will explore strategies to support children and teens who may be exhibiting challenging behaviours or experiencing distress.


Do you want to help your child or teen who may be exhibiting challenging behaviours or experiencing distress?

Join us for this series of free webinars, presented by expert facilitators to learn strategies to support your child or teen. Parents, caregivers, teachers, and those working with children can gain the confidence and tools to address range of issues that may affect children and teens.
Attend the entire series or choose which webinars you'd like to attend.


  1. The Importance of Self-Care and Self-Regulation
    Gain an understanding of the importance of looking after yourself first, and learn tips and tools for self-care. 
    Facilitated by Mel Johns

  2. Strategies for Challenging Behaviour
    Explore what might drive challenging behaviour, and develop strategies that can be used when this behaviour arises.
    Facilitated by Catherine Gallagher

  3. Anxiety in Children and Teens
    Develop your knowledge and understanding of anxiety in children and learn ways you can support them.
    Facilitated by Catherine Gallagher

  4. School Avoidance
    Explore the issue of children avoiding school, discover how this is often linked to anxiety, and gain tools to address school avoidance. (It is highly recommended that you also attend the session on anxiety as this is often a key driver of school avoidance)
    Facilitated by Catherine Gallagher

  5. Supporting Children and Teens Through Big Emotions
    Gain an understanding of how you can support your child or teen who may be experiencing intense feelings.
    Facilitated by Sarah Drummond

  6. The Importance of Healthy Sleep Habits
    Explore the importance of sleep habits and learn ways to establish healthy routines.
    Facilitated by Ruth Troughton

  7. Supporting Children and Teens in a Digital World
    Consider the effects on children and teens living in a digital world and explore tools and strategies which can be used to have discussions about wellbeing and safety online. 
    Facilitated by NetSafe


Participation: While sharing and active participation (via video or audio) is encouraged, participants may attend with their camera off and listen without involvement if they choose.

Access: A device (laptop, tablet, phone) with internet access is required as sessions run over zoom.

Privacy: Sessions and registration details are private and confidential. By attending, participants must agree to keep attendee's details and storied that are shared confidential. Participants can remain anonymous if they choose. 


You will need

  • Headset and Microphone

  • Built-in laptop camera or attachable webcam device (for laptop or PC)

  • Stable broadband connection 

Minimum System Requirements

  • As a guide, if you are able to Skype or watch online videos (eg: YouTube) from your device, your system requirements should be capable.

Operating System
Windows 7 and above
Mac OS X 10.6 and above

Internet Explorer 7 and above
Firefox - Latest version
Chrome - Latest version
Safari - 5 and above

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