Managing Stress and Increasing Long-Term Wellbeing

Recognise and manage stress, both in the workplace and personally. Learn strategies for improving emotional wellbeing and understand the principles of maintaining long-term wellbeing.


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We all want to be happier and less stressed, and we know that this has a significant effect on our psychological and physical wellbeing, but how do we get there and maintain it. Pathways that maintain our personal wellbeing may be very different for each of us and are influenced by our life values and perspectives. This workshop will cover an overview of emotional wellbeing principles, recognising and managing stress, explore personal value systems, consider lifelong practices for maintaining emotional wellbeing and engaging positive emotions and practicing appreciative perspective.


• Overview of emotional wellbeing principles
• Sharing the wellbeing and emotions of others
• Recognising and managing stress
• Considering lifelong practices for maintaining emotional wellbeing
• Engaging positive emotions and practicing appreciative perspective

Learning Intentions

Participants will be provided with the opportunity to:
• Increase understanding of the principles in maintaining long-term wellbeing
• Increase awareness and management of stress
• Practice strategies for emotional wellbeing

Let’s Get Real Skills

• Professional and Personal Development


Terms and Conditions

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