Mental Health Education and Resource Centre

Joyce Harris and Michelle Mullen


Joyce Harris
Joyce currently works as an Educator/Fieldworker for Supporting Families in Mental Illness, She completed a Certificate in Community Psychiatric Care in 1992, and has also completed a three year course in Clinical Supervision with the CDHB. For 15 years she delivered education to nursing students at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT), and mental health support workers at both CPIT and Southern Institute of Technology. In addition, she regularly gave presentations on Schizophrenia at the Mental Health Education and Resource Centre.

Michelle Mullen
Michelle joined Supporting Families in Mental Illness with a Diploma in Social Work, Since then she has trained in Mental Health, Family Connections, CUMI (Children Understanding Mental Illness) and WAVES. She has significant training in the child and youth sector. Michelle is the coordinator of the CUMI and is involved with the COPMIA network and is part of their presentation team


Joyce Harris | Cert Comm Psych Care

Michelle Mullen | Dip Social Wk