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Minimising Alcohol and Drug Related Risks in the Workplace (Corporate Workshop)


Alcohol and other drug problems can impact your workplace even if these substances are not consumed onsite. Being impaired or hungover at work affects behaviour and creates a significant risk that needs to be minimised. Benefits for reducing these risks may include complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, increased productivity, profit, physical and mental health, and reduced absenteeism. This workshop will raise awareness about the impacts of alcohol and other drug issues in the workplace, provide education on how to reduce drinking and drug use and how to have a brief intervention conversation with someone you are worried about. Information about resources available to support people minimise their use will be provided.

Course Overview
• How AOD use affects people working in high risk and busy environments
• Introduction to different substances, and how they affect people
• Understanding what the criteria for substance use disorders are
• Introduction into appropriate identification of AOD usage, intoxication and withdrawal
• Awareness of safe drinking guidelines
• Information about how to have a conversation with someone you are concerned about due to substance use
• Resources/Referral pathways

Learning Intentions
Participants will be provided the opportunity to:
• Learn to use a simple screening tool for alcohol problems
• Gain ideas for safe use and tips on reducing or improving wellbeing
• Develop skills in assessing those people impaired by substances
• Gain an understanding of what resources are available to support people with change
• Develop an understanding of substance of misuse and complications with their use

Facilitator: Michelle Fowler RN, BN, PgCertHsc(Addiction and Co-existing Disorders)
Michelle has an extensive background working with mental health and addiction. She is passionate about her work and enjoys passing on her wealth of knowledge in her workshops. Michelle has worked with MHERC to provide drug and alcohol education throughout the construction industry in Christchurch.

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