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Recognising and Responding to Mental Health Issues in the Workplace (Corporate Workshop)

Professional development workshop specifically designed for the business sector


Improving the health and safety of your staff means taking reasonable steps to manage risks for both their physical and mental wellbeing. Mental distress is common, with approximately four in five New Zealand adults having experience of mental distress personally or among people they know. It is important to know how to respond to distress in others in an appropriate and empathetic way. This workshop can help managers, supervisors and staff gain the skills to effectively communicate with others to improve their wellbeing. Staff who are confident and capable first responders to mental health and addiction issues are essential to any organisation.

• The face of mental health and illness in Aotearoa/New Zealand
• Recognising distress and/or mental illness manifestations in individuals
• Basic mental health first aid in the workplace
• Minimising stigma and discrimination and how to tackle same
• Local supports and referral strategies

Learning Intentions
• Have an awareness of the common mental health issues people in Aotearoa/New Zealand face
• Be able to recognise the signs/symptoms associated with common mental health conditions
• Be aware how mental health conditions might impact individuals, their organisation and the wider community
• Be able to demonstrate increased awareness and confidence in engaging in mental health conversations
• Be able to recognise and acknowledge their responsibility in identifying and supporting individuals with mental health conditions, including legislative requirements, workplace adjustments and information sharing
• Be able to use appropriate support and referral mechanisms as outlined and know where to access relevant information
• Be able to develop strategies for recognising and supporting their own mental health and wellbeing

Facilitator: Dr Chris Taua PhD, RN, BN, MN(Dist), PGC(MH), CAdTch, FNZCMHN
Dr Chris Taua has over 25 years’ experience in health/disability sectors. A published author, she holds a senior lecturer role with The University of Queensland and has been delivering professional development in workplaces through her consultancy work, offering extensive knowledge relevant to modern workforce management.

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