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Suicide Prevention Education Programme | Workshop 9

Outpatient Treatments with Suicidal Individuals


Please note: Distance learning participants may be joining this session via Webinar

Improve your knowledge and gain confidence when providing support and assistance for suicide prevention, intervention and postvention. This fully funded programme is a great opportunity for those who work in health, education or social service professions. Choose to register from a series of workshops held throughout July to October 2017.

Topic Seventeen
Outpatient Treatments with Suicidal Individuals
• Learn about evidence-based treatment strategies with suicidal individuals

Topic Eighteen
• Gain a better understanding of the experiences of individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide
• Learn about postvention approaches with individuals and communities in teh aftermath of a suicide, including the role of media reporting
• Guest speakers: Suicide Attempt Survivor, Bereaved by Suicide Survivor

Free Courses
Although there is no cost for you to attend these courses, you will be charged $47.50 for non-attendance. You have been provided with a limited opportunity to upskill and if you do not show up you take this opportunity away from others who may have wished to attend but were unable to as the course was full.  Please contact us if you are unable to attend at least 48 hours before the workshop so we may make your space available to others. Thank you for your understanding.

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