Mental Health Education & Resource Centre

Peer Support | Interpersonal Skills for Peer Support Workers: To Ensure Safe & Effective Relationships


Course Type: Introductory | Catering: Refreshments provided

The following skills will be explained and learnt utilizing theory and practice based learning:

  • Personal values and beliefs.
  • Personal stress management and assertiveness.
  • Conflict management.
  • Managing boundaries.
  • Identifying own role within the supportive relationship.

Learning Intentions
Participants will be provided with the opportunity to:

  • Explore self (values and beliefs) in relation to impact on others in order to develop and maintain supportive relationships.
  • Examine and understand safe boundaries within both the extent and limitations of your role.
  • Demonstrate use of a range of interpersonal skills that can be used in developing and maintaining supportive relationships.
  • Explore effective self-management in relation to stress and conflict.

Lets Get Real Skills

  • Working with Service Users
  • Working with Families/Whanāu 
  • Working with Communities
  • Challenging stigma and Discrimination
  • Professional and Personal Development