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De-escalation: Using Effective Communication - Webinar

This webinar is a live feed of the workshop being delivered with in-room participants.

Please Note: This Webinar is only offered to participants outside the greater Christchurch area


Workshop Type: Introductory | Workshop Level: Four 

The aim of this training is to equip staff with the skills to identify and de-escalate an agitated person while keeping themselves and others safe. There is increasing recognition of the important role effective calming and de-escalation skills can play in many working environments. Gain confidence in managing distress and aggression, strategies for self-control, learn the role of communication and the importance of debriefing following a challenging situation.

• Thinking about challenges and risks
• Anger on a continuum and conflict in context
• Staff confidence in managing aggression, distress and violence
• The role of communication
• Client and staff safety

Learning Intentions
Participants will be provided with the opportunity to:
• Identify why people become angry or defensive, and recognise the early warning signs
• Describe a range of assertive techniques in order to help people regain control
• Identify strategies for self-control in the face of aggressive and or distressed behaviour 
• Discuss the importance of debriefing following challenging situations

Let’s Get Real Skills
• Professional and Personal Development
• Working with Families/Whānau
• Working with Service Users
• Working with Māori
• Working with Communities

Please note: Your online experience will differ from face to face education sessions.   

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You will need:

• Headset and Microphone 
• Built-in laptop camera or attachable webcam device (for laptop or PC)
• Stable broadband connection 

Minimum System Requirements:

As a guide, if you are able to Skype or watch online videos (eg: YouTube) from your device, your system requirements should be capable. 

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Windows 7 and above
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