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Webinar | Working with Difficult Behaviours & Bullying

This Webinar is a live feed of the course being delivered here at MHERC on the day, with in-room participants and facilitator. Registering here will allow you to be a part of the learning experience, viewing the facilitator and powerpoint presentation via your own device, in the location of your choice.


Course Type: Introductory | Course Level: Four 

We all come across people who we label ‘difficult’ at some point in our lives, be it in the workplace, out in the community or at home. This session will help you understand why people can behave in these ways. It will look at our own responses and ways to manage these difficult situation.

Note: Participants will need to identify a difficult situation they are experiencing that they want to improve and develop a strategy to manage

• Difficult behaviours and bullying – the psychology behind the behaviours
• Personal conflict management type
• Reframing difficult situations and developing strategies to enhance relationships

Learning Intentions
Participants will be provided with the opportunity to:
• Understand difficult behaviours and the context in which they occur
• Explore the notion of bullying from a personal and wider lens
• Practice conflict management techniques
• Develop a strategy to manage a difficult situation

Let’s Get Real Skills
• Working with Service Users
• Working with Families/Whānau
• Working with Communities
• Professional and Personal Development

Terms and Conditions


You will need:

• Headset and Microphone 
• Built-in laptop camera or attachable webcam device (for laptop or PC)
• Stable broadband connection 

Minimum System Requirements:
As a guide, if you are able to Skype or watch online videos (eg: YouTube) from your device, your system requirements should be capable. 

Operating System:
Windows 7 and above
Mac OS X 10.6 and above

Internet Explorer 7 and above
Firefox - latest version
Chrome - latest version
Safari - 5 and above

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