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Future Course | Relating Well to Men Who Attend Health Services


Course Type: Introductory | Course Level: Four | Catering: Refreshments provided

Please note: Distance learning participants may be joining this session via Webinar.

Develop the knowledge and skills of those health professionals who directly work with men in a mental health setting. It is well known that men do not seek assistance for themselves (or in relation to family/whanau) until it is necessary to do so. This course is to assist health professionals to effectively retain men's engagement once they are receiving assistance.

• Men's way of identifying a problem related to mental wellbeing
• The challenge for men to receive assistance for themselves (or family/whanau)
• Men's motivation and style of relating to others about health concerns
• The risk of assuming men's relational, emotional and mental health literacy 
• Supporting men's need to function and self manage problems 

Learning Intentions 
Participants will be provided with the opportunity to:
• Understand how men determine and view problems related to mental wellbeing
• Understand men's style of relating to others while receiving assistance for these problems
• Develop awareness of men's competencies (or lack of) when relating to health professionals
• Develop a framework for maintaining ongoing engagement with men in health settings

Let’s Get Real Skills 
• Working with Service Users
• Professional and Personal Development


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