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Understanding Change: Coping Strategies for Yourself, Family and Clients


Course Type: Introductory | Course Level: Four | Catering: Refreshments provided

Change is ever present in our lives, however we are not always happy to embrace it. Change can come in many forms; relationship break up, workplace re-organisation, bereavement, moving house, major events etc. This course aims to provide a deeper understanding of the psychological processes that underpin change and the various coping strategies we may utilise during the process. It explores the different phases we transition through as we move through change and focuses on strategies to help us thrive at each of these stages.

Note: Participants will need to identify an area for change they wish to focus on during the workshop. this may be personal or professional and it may be change for self or supporting others.

• Attitudes towards change and how these determine our emotions and experience of change
• The psychological processes that underpin change – understanding transitions
• Understanding the risks and benefits and looking for solutions

Learning Intentions
Participants will be provided with the opportunity to:
• Explore their current attitude and reactions to change
• Understand psychological processes that underpin change
• Learn how to handle each stage that we transition through when we deal with change
• Learn how to manage their emotions and expectations with regard to change

Let’s Get Real Skills
• Working with Families/Whānau
• Working with Communities
• Professional and Personal Development

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