Terms and Conditions of Registration

All prices are quoted in New Zealand Dollars.

Online registrations must be completed to secure your place on a course. Confirmation will be sent via email.

Subsidised rates, early bird discounts and special discounts cannot be used in conjunction with each other. If participants are eligible for more than one discount on a single course, the largest discount will be applied.

Subsidised Rates
Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) Specialist Mental Health Service staff, non-government organisations who hold current mental health service delivery contracts with the CDHB, and students are eligible for subsidised rates for CDHB-funded workshops. MHERC reserves the right to request proof of eligibility. It is the registrant’s responsibility to tick the “Student/CDHB” box when registering online in order to apply the discount. MHERC is not required to refund or credit participants who have not applied the discount. Subsidised rates cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Early Bird Discount
Participants are eligible for a $5.00 Early Bird Discount if registration is complete two weeks before a course runs. This discount will automatically be applied if available. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Other Discounts
If a special discount is on offer, it is the registrant’s responsibility to apply the appropriate discount code when registering online. MHERC is not required to refund or credit participants who have not applied the discount. Special discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Cancellation Policy
Participants must contact MHERC if they are unable to attend a course they are registered for. A cancellation fee of $47.50 will apply. If you do not contact MHERC to cancel your registration, the full fee of the course will be charged. However, if you are able to find a replacement participant, no cancellation fee will be charged. If you are cancelling due to unavoidable life circumstances (strict criteria applies) you will be offered a credit to be used for future courses within six months.

If you do not communicate prior to the day the course runs that you will not be attending you will be charged the full fee.

Free and/or Funded Courses
Although there is no cost for you to attend, you will be charged $47.50 for non-attendance. You have been provided with a limited opportunity to upskill and if you do not show up you take this opportunity away from others who may have wished to attend but were unable to as the course was full.  Please contact us if you are unable to attend at least 48 hours before the workshop. Thank you for your understanding.

Course Cancellations
MHERC reserves the right to cancel a course at any time due to insufficient registrations or other unforeseen circumstances. In this instance, the registrants will be contacted and offered a place on the next scheduled course date. Alternatively registrants may transfer their payment to another course of their choice, or request a full refund.

MHERC reserves the right to send you information pertinent to your courses or courses, and to add your contact details to our email database. You can unsubscribe from this database at any time. 

Additional Online Education Terms and Conditions
Only one person may view an online education session per registration. The Mental Health Education & Resource Centre (MHERC) reserves the right to immediately terminate access to online session if it reasonably believes that more than one user is accessing the session. For this reason and to allow you to interact with the room we ask that you leave your camera on during the session.

If MHERC experiences technical difficulties that result in participants not being able to access the online session, we will liaise with the affected participant to arrange a suitable resolution. Determining whether a credit, partial refund or full refund may be required is the sole discretion of MHERC.

MHERC takes no responsibility if you cannot connect to the online session due to your system and/or internet connection not meeting the requirements.

MHERC’s liability is limited to the value of the fee(s) paid by the participant when registering their attendance for the particular online session.

Participants are prohibited from making any audio and/or visual recording of the online session.

MHERC reserves the right to terminate the online session if the terms of the Code of Conduct are not adhered to.      

MHERC reserves the right to change website content without notice.

Whilst MHERC endeavours to provide accurate website content for educational information, errors and omissions may occur.  MHERC does not accept any liability, for any loss or damage which may derive from direct or indirect advice, opinion, information, links available on this website or omission from this website or the use of the website itself.  Professional help should be sought for individual diagnosis and treatment.

The MHERC website is to be governed and interpreted in accordance with the New Zealand laws.

MHERC has the right to refuse or cancel any order for goods and services, due to unforeseen circumstances, commercial considerations or availability issues. This right also applies to orders that have been accepted.

MHERC reserves the right to alter, modify or update these terms of use. These terms are applicable to any order. MHERC may change its terms and conditions at any time and this may apply to future goods or services.

The photographs MHERC uses are for illustrative purposes only. Photographs, and the models used, are not necessarily reflective of the subject matter, nor are they endorsing or supporting the subject matter or organisation.

Last reviewed August 2016.